Are You Sure You Can Sell That New Product?

“Sounds like a great idea but you’ve got to have sales for
it to keep your business going,”
Rick said. Productizing New product intros

Rob, our branding guru, for once, agreed.

I did too, saying, “Right. What if you can’t sell it?”

the entrepreneur we had asked to join us for lunch looked woebegone, squirmed
in his seat and said, “I thought you guys liked my idea!”

Rick, the direct marketing guy responded, “Lawrence, it’s not that we don’t like your
idea it’s just that we’re worried about you staying in business. Each of us
comes at it from a slightly different angle but believe me, we have your best
interests in mind.”

Rob said, “You don’t have a brand for it. The awareness for
the product is somewhere between slim and none. And when there is no awareness
here can’t be preference and hence no sales and, well, you’re out of business.”

“You’re right Rob,” I said. ”But it is possible to make
sales without having all that rigamarole
. The truth is that small companies and
solopreneurs do It all the time. It’s called Selling: one-to-one.“

Rick piled on, “And that is the only way to find out whether
this product is viable or not.
You have to talk to people who will buy and use
it. In today’s world, the more you know about actual users needs, wants and
desires the easier it is going to find and sell to enough of them to make the
product profitable.”

“Whoa big fella!” I said. 
I agree with finding out if you have product that has a market and
understanding that market but that doesn’t mean it automatically should be sold
direct either on or off-line. How you get your product from your mind through
production and physically into the customers’ hands can have huge impact on how
you sell it—and how it sells.”

put both hands up and said. “Okay, what if I can’t sell it?”

Rob took the lead. He quipped, “That’s the point. We’re all
saying the same thing. You won’t know if you have a product until you talk to
people that will buy and use it. Do not talk to colleagues and friends about
. Talk to real potential customers and ask how they would expect to buy it.

“Amen,” I said. “Even if your business has been around a
while always go back to talking to real prospects.
That way you’ll know if you have a winner before
you go all in on any new product.”

agreed and picked up the check.

Have you checked in with customers on your new product or
service idea? Make sure you have a winner before you go all in.

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