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The blog originally was done in dialogue. It came about when Jerry  was looking for away to cover a wide range of subjects the way his freewheeling band of expert friends did over lunch when they could get together. His long years in the field and experience in both on and off-line business development simplify chairing discussions with and reporting on the findings of the rowdy bunch.

His latest project is a new single website for consultant marketing. It is the final legacy project he decided on when his energy level plummeted in the spring of 2016. After months of tests, the doctors found the problem. A single small pill each day brings renewed vigor and a passion to get you the Business and Brand building knowledge you need to go it alone… successfully:  Personal, Professional, Coach, Consultant, Start up, Company, or Product.

Jerry founded Z-axis Marketing, Inc. in 1990. It serves as the holding company for his multiple operations. Learn all about Jerry’s consulting capabilities

Jerry at Cafe in Venice

Jerry at a cafe along a canal in Venice. His definition of Marketing is: 1. Go where the money is. 2. Sell what they want to buy. 3. Do it again.

The reputation of the company is based on his skills of business development and new product introductions. Jerry helps clients strategize and implement Trust-based traditional and internet marketing. Jerry Speaks

The Z-axis name sums up his observations about winners. It comes from a youth misspent in pool halls and reading science fiction to learn how to see all the angles as well as a lot of years as a corporate marketing hand.

Some businesses just seem to be effortlessly successful while others always have something come out of the blue that bites them in the butt. The difference is on the z-axis. Every business is evaluated in terms of time (the x-axis) and money (the y-axis). But the reason they succeed or fail is Trust (the z-axis).

Jerry founded Z-axis when he left his position as CEO of a successful Portland, Oregon business-to- business advertising agency. He was asked to bring his strategic assistance and proven processes to Positioning, Naming, Branding and Business Development to all sizes of companies from garage-based high tech start-ups (Digimarc. which he named) to international Fortune 500 Companies (ADC Kentrox).

Jerry is an expert at business development who has:

Raised over $500,000 in funding for a start up in just 17 days
Increased Q1 sales of a consulting firm by $1.2 Million with a single suggestion Increased a software company’s sales by 400% in 18 months by tweaking their CRM system
Stopped counting successful new product intros he has helped with at 207 and consultants he has crafted unique marketing strategies for at 193

This rainmaker is an old hand at both traditional and internet marketing with an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t. He combines his skills at “Automagic” Marketing staying within your comfort zone while saving you money with integrated approaches that you can manage.

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