Consultants Can Offer Intellectual Property Products

Marketing Without Money Gift Package“There’s a market for your consulting services, isn’t that
I asked.

“Yup,” said Sam.

“So if you’re looking for more revenue, why aren’t you taking
part of your process and turning it into product?
“ I asked.

“Won’t work,” said Sam as he leaned over my desk in the
client chair.


“What I do is not something you can’t manufacture,” he said.
“If my creative talents are not directly involved it just doesn’t work.”

“So what you’re saying is that what you do is completely
original every time. Every time out of the chute it is different. There is no
process you use to get at what needs to be done. There are no best practices
you can share that will accomplish the objectives. Is that right?”

Sam frowned and spat out, “You can’t set up a production
line to do this stuff. It takes creativity and a thorough understanding of the
ever changing situation to do what I do.”

“Really?” I responded. What I do is similar as you well know.
Have you noticed the homework I’ve asked you to do as we build your business? I’ve
identified a process that helps keep an engagement on track. I’ve put specific approaches
in place to elicit the data required to get results.

Every engagement I have has different creative results. No two
client companies wind up with the same name for the company, product or service.
The positioning is different. The logotypes are all over the lot. The
promotional web sites, e-mail campaigns, even pricing vary.

Did the way we figured out how to define your corporate
mission and your position work for you?

Sam shrugged and replied, “Yes, but it was hard at first.”

“You now have people in the industry association referring
to you in the terms we worked out. You’ve told me that never happened to you before.

Would you say the product I call Lightning in a BottleTM changed your life?”

“Yes,” Sam admitted, “But I’m still not sure I should try to
make a product out of what I do.”

All I’m suggesting is that you are as accomplished as you
are because what you do is repeatable.
You wouldn’t have the success you do without
taking some steps consistently. Ten years ago I was just like you. I couldn’t
see the forest for the trees.

BUT I looked at how I get things done for clients wrote a
couple how-to books, spoke at industry and association conferences, did
corporate workshops and seminars and now I’ve put together Marketing Without MoneyTM
an 8 component product that shows the little guy how to build business on a
minimal marketing budget.

The world wants experts. Finding ways to help more people do
what you do on their own is the way you show that expertise.

I’ve found that revealing the processes doesn’t diminish my
consulting business but rather enhances it.

Every time I speak on 30 Second MarketingTM or The Trust GoldmineTM, CEOs, Founders
and Presidents of companies come out of the audience and ask me to do a
workshop for their company or a group of which they are a member.

Find the process you use. Share it. Test it. Make sure it
works without you and then package it

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