Would You Like Photos With That?

The answer is,  “Yes and in motion if you’ve got ‘em.”

Jerry Fletcher Video StillOur consumption of visual material on line is staggering.

Here are some recent statistics from Hubspot:

As of October, 2012 Facebook users were uploading 300
million photos per day (in round numbers).

Instagram usage has gone up nearly 1200% in six months.

Pinterest posts (video and Photo) refer more traffic than Twitter,
Stumble Upon, LIndedIn and Google+ combined.

Why do I add “in motion?”

You Tube says that each minute more an 60 hours of new
videos are uploaded.

Each minute.

The folks  claiming that mobile is the new big thing are wrong.

The next big thing is video.

It doesn’t have to be professional.

It doesn’t have to be polished.

It can be funny or sincere, direct and even ditzy.

It can be short or long.

But it must be honest.

It must be direct.

It must get to trust.

I’d like a little video with your pitch, please.


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