The Value of Brand

The Lion was cowardly, the tin man lacked a heart and the scarecrow had no brain. Each of them sing about their lacks in the musical. The song I recall is that of the scarecrow titled, “If I only had brain…”

Businesses need courage, heart and the brains to have a brand. I hear that song as “if I only had a brand…” Having a brand is essential.

The negative aspect

Is there some way to measure what a brand is worth? Here’s a glimpse at what you don’t get if you don’t have one:

  • Without a brand, people have no easy way to remember you
  • Without a brand prospects will have difficulty assessing your value
  • Without a brand prospective clients or customers cannot focus on how you can change them
  • Without a brand you will never impress a buyer before you meet.
  • Without a brand your credibility will not be accelerated
  • Without a brand the perception of quality you deliver will flounder
  • Without a brand the value of your intellectual property and your name are not realized.

The positive viewpoint

On the other hand if you have a brand then all the benefits of those possibilities accrue.


The right name linked to a mission everyone working in the company understands and buys into will lead to a position that is drawn from the lexicon of the prospect and, over time, a well-known and easily remembered brand.


We ascribe higher value to products, companies and individuals that look like they are what we are looking for. Generally, something expensive is packaged expensively. Usually the best items have the highest prices. If only the wealthy have it, the value is assumed to be higher than a similar product offered at a lower price point.


People don’t but products or services. They buy solutions to their problems, answers that make them look good and ways to change the world. If they are trying to figure out what you have to offer they can’t understand how you are going to help them alter themselves, look good doing it and have the energy and commitment to put a new spin on the globe.


One of the beauties of brand is that it precedes you so that opinions are forged, reinforced and you or your product or service are all perceived as worthy of being a friend before you come through the door, website or webinar. A positive brand is more likely to be purchased more quickly.


You will have a brand whether you like it or not. But a positive brand will give you authority, believability and most importantly trustworthiness. They don’t have to like you or even know you to trust you enough to buy from you. A brand can put you on the fast track.


It’s all about perception. You, your product or service is what people think you are. You can’t control what they think. You can, at best influence it. The quality you deliver becomes a major part of your brand.  Your brand reflects every interaction your clients or customers have with you. All of them.

Your IP and your Name

If you want to sell your processes, approaches and methodologies you gotta have a brand. If your techniques or technologies are going to bring you income you don’t have to slave for you must have a brand. Most importantly, if you are an independent professional or entrepreneur that works solo or leads a small cadre your name must be part of your brand.

If I only had a brand…

Jerry Fletcher, Networking Ninja, is a
sought after International Speaker,
beBee Ambassador, founder and Brand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for Trust-based Brand development, that builds businesses, careers and lives of joy on and off-line.


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