Actions Speak Louder–What You Get is What’s Not Said

Lip Service
was what I called it in my first book. Ever notice how when you are starting a
business that everyone you meet thinks it’s a good idea? Your friends encourage
you. People you’ve never met before say nice things. You are thrilled with the

My advice to budding
entrepreneurs was to ask those folks, “Would you like to buy one?” Suddenly,
they found out whether there really was a market for their products. Action

I need a little help. Ever notice how you respond to that phrase? Very
few people say no. The technique led to a story included in my forthcoming Kindle
Book Trade Secrets Of A Networking Ninja about
a Certified Financial Planner who had sent out a draft copy of her new brochure
to six or seven CPA’s she had worked with to get their opinion on what she had
to say.

She never did get written
opinions from them. They acted instead and just sent her business.

Put it in writing. “Jot down,” I said to an audience, “the reason you are in this business
and why you want to be in it next year. Tell the absolute truth…the words in
your heart of hearts. If you are not sure, that’s okay. Write that down.”

The room fell silent save
for the faint noise of ball points gliding. Each of them finished, their heads
came up and their eyes locked on mine with an expectant look.

“How many,” I asked, “are
sure you’ll be in the business next year?”

Only about 20% of those in
the room raised their hands.

“How many of you would be
willing to share that reason with us,” I asked. Only two people volunteered.
Both noted that they had wanted to do this for as long as they wanted to build
a business and they couldn’t imagine doing anything else because they
absolutely loved what they were doing and they were clearly on a track. 

I’ll bet that
those two people not only will be in business for more than a few years, but
they’ll be leaders in it.

The action of writing
something down
does two things, it
makes it easier to remember because it forces us to think about it in multiple
ways  and it makes it attainable because
we see ourselves taking one step toward it.

What you get is what’s not said. Multiple surveys in the last few years have
indicated that the real differentiating factors for businesses today are
service-based rather than product-based.

Think about the last time
someone recommended a product or service to you…unsolicited. I’ll bet it was
because of incredible service. Someone made the purchase an event to be
celebrated or went that a little further or gave just that little bit extra to
make a difference. They didn’t talk about it or hang puffed up statements of
intent on a wall, they simply took action.

Actions do speak louder
than words

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