Do You Really Want Information At Light Speed?

“Internet access,” I said to Gail’s Question.

Light speed accessShe had asked, “Why is it that people want marketing and
sales information lightning fast these days?”

Rick and Chris both agreed with me.

“Yes, but what about proven or sure or accurate?” she asked.

That’s when Rob drawled, “Bein’ wrong will get y’all’s brand

“So,” I said, “how do you propose to get around that

Gail nodded and waited for Rob to go on.

He continued, “Story. Human bein’s are conditioned to listen
to stories from sumthin’ as simple as Brer Rabbit to the Bard’s dramas. Y’all
tell a good story about what you’re selling and touch the emotions of the
prospect and give them a picture they can put themselves in. Connect with ‘em
and I guarantee that dog will hunt.”

Rick countered, “Long copy. You can give someone the quick
bullet points but in order to get them to sign on the doted line or go to a
cart…to convince them your deal is better to meet their needs you need to use
long copy so you can respond to their desires and interests and objections.”

Chris spoke up, “And if it is on a web site you have to make
it as easy as possible for them to sort it all out and get the information they
want in the form they prefer.”

I jumped in saying, “So that means audio and video or photos
and charts and graphs whatever the prospect wants, right?

But, I think the kind of information they are searching for
makes a difference. Don’t get me wrong. If your end game is to sell something
all your suggestions apply. To convince and persuade you need to use all those

The one place I see a difference is in how-to information.
There lightning fast answers are not enough. You might leave out safety
information or not include an accuracy check and put someone in danger.

People do want fast information but the amount and length of
how to videos on You Tube convince me that people want it both ways and will
spend the time to look at both.”

Gail said, “That’s why your Marketing Without Money TM
products have Audios, Videos workbooks and checklists and even wallet sized
reminder cards, isn’t it?”


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