What Does Your Trailer Look Like?

As I arrived I heard Bob saying to Kathy, “If y’all were
doing a preview of coming attractions for folks that hire you, what would your
trailer look like?

Movie trailerWould it be all quick cuts, flash and dance or sober as a
judge ‘fore the sun is over the yard arm?”

Kate said, “I’m so glad you’re finally here Fletch. You can
help me with the mental gymnastics this so-called southern gentleman is proposing.”

“No, No,” I said. I want to hear this answer…maybe more than
he does.”

Rick slid into a chair and said, “What answer? What is the

Bob said, “Y’all need to think about what our movie preview,
your trailer would look like if you were tryin’ to get someone who might hire
you all fired up about runnin’ with you. What sort of adventure or romance or
dramedy will get that horse into your barn?

Never you mind tha’s not how you get business now. Mah point
is to get you to see yourself from a different direction.

Heah’s the thing. Each of you is brand. Each of you is unique.
Each of you work directly with clients. The question is, what makes you
memorable and interesting and desireable and how can you get that across
rickety tick?

Y’all sit down in a movie house, watch a slew of previews
and make split second decisions about which movies you want to see. It has a
taste of the story and the music and the overall feel of the movie. They cram
bits ‘n pieces in there and make you want more.

 So what if y’all could do that with a prospect?”

I figure you could kick it off with some kinda positioning
statement. Then y’all might want to have some satisfied clients saying what it
was like and maybe some funny stuff and definitely music that would make them
think of you.”

Rick interrupted, “Have to include some credibility stuff and
if you want them to act right away some kind of offer or deal.”

“Kate,” I said, “Do you still think he’s being silly? Seems
to me that he’s found a way to get all of us out of our comfort zones and
figuring out how to pitch prospects faster and kick their emotions into gear to
help make a decision.

The fact is that our society is extremely visually oriented.
Showing people a demonstration is a trick you’ve talked about often enough. And
I still believe sampling can be a secret weapon and this fits into that. Rick
has convinced us that those long form commercials on TV actually make profits
and Chris keeps coming up with on-line stuff that gets closer and closer to
this with his landing page videos .

I think Bob deserves a hand for coming up with a way to look
at this that is familiar but strange.”

What does your trailer look like?

Jerry Fletcher has videos on two web sites that give you an idea of what it is like to work with him: Consulting at www.JerryFletcher.com (3 videos) plus 4 videos on his Speaking web site: www.NetworkingNinja.com 

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