Self-Selecting Personalization

Irish Today sign“Today is special for us Irish,“ said Chris.

Kate gave him her patented over the glasses freeze frame look and said, “You looked in the mirror lately? I’m pretty sure there’s no way a guy named Peng is Irish.”

“Once a year I’m Irish and today is the day and it is a beautiful thing,” he responded.

“All of us are Irish today,“ I said. “It’s the same as celebrating Chinese New Year with Chris or Halloween with Bubba.”

“Don’t y’all get started with Halloween not being a real holiday,” Rob said. “Theahs a real spiritual thing in Punkin’ Chunkin’. You don’t have to come from Georgia like me for the thrill of it to give you goose bumps.”

Rick guffawed. “Bubba,“ he said, you may be a verified brand guru but calling Pumpkin Chucking spiritual is a bit much.”

“Whoa!” I said. “Before everybody gets too uptight be aware that I’ve ordered green beer all around. I want to make a point. Look around the table. We’ve got men and women. We’ve got three ethnicities and at least four religions as best I can figure. We’ve lived in big cities and back waters. We’ve worked on Madison Avenue and Main Street. We’re just about as homogeneous as the rest of the USA.”

Gail said, “And your point is…”

“Holidays are for those that want to celebrate them,” I said.

“I see what you mean,” Rick said thoughtfully. Every holiday there are people that think it is for them alone, but that’s not entirely true. I have to admit that when Rob dragged me along to a Pumpkin Chuckin’ event it got to me. As the day wore on it got under my skin. It was thrilling in a way.”

Chris said, “You don’t have to be Bubba to feel it just like you don’t have to be Irish to want to be…once a year.”

Rick said, “That’s why the sign at the door says If you can only be Irish for one day, this is the day and here is the place.

Kate sniffed and said, “that sign has been there since we’ve been coming into this brew pub.”

“True,” I agreed. “It’s what I call self-selective personalization.”

Have a self-selective personalization trick up your sleeve? Care to share. Please comment.

Next week the group will revert to their drinks of choice and continue their discussion of business development topics. Join us then.

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