Every Contact is an Audience of One

Business begins and ends with a contact.

A prospect reaches out to you for help, describes a need you
can fulfill and says they have the wherewithal to pay for your product or

You connect. Your offering matches his or her need, the
terms are right and the deal is done.

Is that all there is? Not if you understand that the true
value of a customer is not derived from a single sale. You want that
client/customer to return to you for more of the same or variations on the
theme or additional products/services and refer additional customers/clients to

You want repeat business.

The secret to repeat business lies in seeing each customer
contact as a performance for an  audience
of one.
Here’s how you can be sure that your unique difference is communicated
and remembered each time you make contact with a customer or client:

Reduce your unique difference to a short
that everyone familiar with your operation can be aware of,
memorize and interpret.  By everyone, I
mean you, your staff, your referral sources, your customers…anyone who can
refer business to you. A “hook” like “They call me Captain Crunch” for a CPA can make the difference between an average and a six figure income.

Use graphics that connect to strengthen the
. Symbols, illustrations and photos can all make a contact count
more. Use visuals that people understand. A unique color alone can make you stand out.  

Use the distinct sounds of your company,
product or service to enhance your position.
Case in point: One of the best
remembered television commercials for Coke was simply the sound of a bottle
being opened and the pour of the product into a glass filled with ice.

Is there a sound effect that
will  bring the curtain up on a “memory
play” for your business?

Build in tactile differences. Use heavy or textured paper. Put a special fold into your business cards to get involvement and generate tangible recall. Make your presentation brochure just slightly bigger or smaller than others.

Chevy’s restaurant puts crunch into a salad with pieces of taco shells. A package tied with string seems so much more valuable than the one with the “automatic locking box.” Tantalize the sensation of touch to help you stand out from the crowd.

Capture the aroma of your establishment if it’s positive. Override it if it causes distress or discomfort. Paddy, a remarkable dentist in Australia found that when he filled his waiting room with the smell of fresh baked muffins it reduced patient anxiety significantly…and increased his practice.

Every time a batch is cooked at that Cinnabon in your local shopping mall it’s show time.

Use tastes to capture share of mind. Every candy store that stays in business learns this trick. See’s each day have a specific item to give away.

Sampling, like a previews of coming attractions, is a great way to get people to consider your business and one of the easiest ways to turn prospects into customers and customers into fans. In a lot of cases, people need to try something to be sure they’ll like it. A free trial or sample with no obligation is the easiest way to overcome the difficulty of getting people to take action.

Make sure every contact your make is a prize-winning performance… touching as many senses as possible…for each audience of one.

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