Is Your Business on the Roller Coaster?

You’ve taken that
long hard ratcheting ride up the first hill to start your business. The plunge as
that first healthy contract came in sped you along. But it changed or was reduced
or lost completely. Now you find your momentum carrying you forward.

Word of mouth
propelled you up the next hill of projects, orders and income.

You swept onward
pushed by referrals.

But each crest got
a little lower than the last. The surges moved you along but none catapulted you
to a new level. 

To break the roller
coaster pattern you have to get on a different track.

Doing a
good job is not enough. It must be memorable.

the highest quality won’t guarantee you the contract.  Knowing the prospect will.

won’t get you the case. Credibility will.

is a matter of opinion. Theirs.

matter what field you’re in, you are on your way out of business if you don’t
manage your contacts. Each contact with customers, prospects and anyone who
might influence someone to buy your product or service is the greatest
opportunity you can have.

How can
you be more memorable?
Start by remembering the contact. Get the name, address,
the phone number…anything that you believe will help. Meet at their site.
Demonstrate your expertise. Do something out of the ordinary.

How do you get to trust
with a prospect or client?
Take the time. Ask the questions that will make it easier for you to
provide what they need. Listen. Prove to them you’re listening by clarifying.
Ask for the order and the referral at the same time. Explain that referrals to
“customers like you” make it possible for your operation to stay in business
and provide the quality they need.

referred. Ask for it. Prime it.
Make sure every customer, prospect and person
who can influence a sale for you knows precisely what kind of client/customer
you are looking for and what kind of projects. Don’t be afraid to tell them
your “perfect prospect specs” more than once and each time ask for direct

How do
you get credibility?
Have someone else recommend you. Use a third party to
establish your capabilities whenever possible. If someone has lauded your
handling of a project, don’t be afraid to ask them for a letter with their kind
words in it. Or, have them step in and do the presentation about you to a
prospect. Words from a satisfied customer go a long way toward convincing if
not completely captivating a prospect.

Get to
know the professionals that regularly meet with and advise the folks you
consider prospects. Sell them and they will sell you in turn.

Be an expert. You never will know as much about
the prospect’s business as they do. But they will never know as much about
yours. Together you are greater than each of you might be separately.

The two
of you are in this together.

realization, if nothing else, will take you to a higher level than your

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