Secrets Of A Networking Ninja

& Secrets of a Networking NInja“I’ve been using and teaching networking as a primary business development tool for 25 years. I’m still in business so I must be doing something right I said to Chris, the digital marketing pro in the lunch bunch.”

“So there’s nothing new in this video,” he said.

Gail simply put a hand over my mouth to stop the explosion. Then she said, “I know him well enough to know that he has changed this information over the years continually to take into account all the changes in the way we live.”

“That’s right,” I said. The story of why I’m called the Networking Ninja hasn’t changed but how I introduce myself has morphed multiple times. Some of the stories are new, some are old. But what works, the principles and how to apply them have been updated continuously. This video is a good 30 minute primer for those who are new to networking and a great reminder for those that have been at it for a while.”

Kate asked, “Is this one free to subscribers to the blog and their friends?”

“Yes,” I said. “You can watch Secrets of A Networking Ninja for FREE for a short time.”

The Takeaway:

If you can remember the colors of the rainbow you can remember these secrets:

  • Create an Identity                             Red
  • Make Contacts                                 Orange
  • Develop Relationships                      Yellow
  • Provide introductions and Leads        Green
  • Offer assistance and advice              Blue
  • Seek advice and counsel                  indigo
  • Demonstrate your capabilities           Violet

Jerry Fletcher’s blog recaps conversations with clients, prospects and a group of business development professionals. They discuss what’s new, what’s old, what’s good, bad and ugly plus creative thinking to find what works. Jerry Fletcher is the ringleader and secretary of the dialogue.

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