Brand is Not a Get Rich Click

Brand is not a get rich clickDo you remember your first customer or client?

What did it take to get that business? If you’re like most, it wasn’t a matter of someone just walking up and saying “I’ll take one.” You had to introduce yourself to that customer if you were selling tube steaks or Toyotas. If you were running your own business it was even tougher. You didn’t have a big ad program sending people into the store.

You stuck with it. You introduced yourself to one person after another. You maintained your enthusiasm about the product or service. You connected with a few people. Then one of those prospects hit the Trust tipping point and made a buy.

You built a relationship off line.

You begin the dance anew seeking relationship 2, 3 and 4.

But then you succumb to the get rich click temptation.

You think it will be easier, faster and just as rewarding trying to sell online. You’re convinced by all the commentary and the continuous e-mails that offer guaranteed full-proof ways to make a six-figure income and live anywhere in the world working half days. Your expectations are never met.

Before you put all your efforts into web sites, online stores and content marketing find out who is really doing that well and model what it took to get there.

Don’t try to take on major corporations using their techniques.

Each day we are hammered with ads on Facebook, Google and the rest of the zoo parade of social media. Once they were easy to skip past and ignore but not anymore. There are all kinds of names for it but I guarantee that if you search for a product or service on line you will be bombarded with ads for that product or similar ones for weeks.

You can’t win against the mechanized marketing they use if you try to go head to head.

Build a relationship with another customer (or two or three) offline.

Offline you have the advantage. You can look into your customer’s eyes. You can hear the tenor and the tension of her voice. You can understand why he is hesitant and learn why she is looking for another option.

Build relationships with customers offline before you try it online.

Imagine how much more powerful your copy can be when you are writing to people just like the ones that have come to Trust you already. Think about the ways you can better define targets for your ads online. Consider how much easier it is come up with key words. Can you visualize the other products they want and need?

Go offline to build better relationships with on-line customers.

No, don’t do an e-mail survey. Pick up the phone and talk to some customers. I guarantee you will learn from them and you will establish stronger Trust and Brand. When you travel to where they live, take time to visit with them. It will pay off. (One online marketer reported a 13 to 32% increase in sales from abandoned carts when his company telephoned customers that had abandoned their cart in mid-transaction).


Jerry Fletcher is the founder and Grand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for Brand Development, Positioning and business development on and off-line.


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