Building Your Business One Speech at a Time.

Jim’s done it. Manoj’s partners do it. It is a regular part of Shell’s marketing.

A target rich environment.

What could be better than getting in front of a group of people that can buy your products or services and are committed to listen to what you have to say?  Think about how hard you work just to get the ear of one.  Consider the time it takes you to convert just one lead.

It’s worthless if you don’t know what you are doing.

You can turn all those folks Into terrorists that want to destroy you and your business if you’re not careful.  You can offend, aggravate and otherwise piss them off by trying to sell them your product or service. Don’t do that.

Jeremiah learned what works.

Early on when he introduced his software to his industry he worked a booth in the trade shows in neighboring states. He learned that most folks that were running family businesses like he grew up in were not looking for digital solutions to the problems that had been around since, as he put it, “I was axle high on the tractor.”

Those early days were tough times. He and his partner were stoked when people would just talk to them. People wanted to know how this new technology might fit into a tough schedule in an industry that had never had any penetration by electronic devices. None.

He was asked to speak at an upcoming trade show.

He knew if he tried to sell people would walk out on him and he would never be asked to speak again. He knew how back-breaking the work could be for both the testers and the folks back in the office. He knew because he had done it.

He knew that he had a solution that would work for the testers, the folks in the office and the utilities they had to report to. He was an engineer after all and comfortable coding answers to the things folks in the field needed.

He told his story of living in two worlds.

He began by talking about how he and his sister used to sit at the kitchen table figuring out his Dad’s route for the next day and filling in as much of the paperwork as possible. Then he spoke of being trained in the field, doing the work as their second tester and virtually doubling the family income.

He told them how his family put part of that money away so he could go to college where he graduated as an engineer, went home and rejoined the family business and began applying what he had learned.

He uses the familiar smart phone to show people the future.

  • Jeremiah shows them how an app that was part of his software works like GPS to plot the most efficient route for them
  • Jeremiah shows them how they could record all their measurements on the phone.
  • Jeremiah demonstrates how all the data on a client could be e-mailed to the office so they aren’t always a day behind.
  • Jeremiah shows them how the billing can be done electronically on the spot.
  • Jeremiah makes sure they know he and his people would be there to help them from the start to the finish.
  • Jeremiah soothes their concerns about the coming digital wave by being a man of both worlds.

He speaks with candor, understanding and concern. He has become the expert the industry turns to.

He is building his company one speech at a time.

He is scheduled to speak all across the country in the coming year.

Jerry FletcherJerry Fletcher, Networking Ninja, is a sought after International Speaker, beBee ambassador, founder and Grand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for Trust-based Brand development, Positioning and Business Development on and off-line.



The Lunch Bunch Brand

Those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know about the “Lunch Bunch.”

I’ll introduce them again so that you don’t have to rely on memory and so those that are making their acquaintance for the first time are a little less confused.

The Dialogue Blog

I was looking for a different format. The ones known to work based on the analytics, chief among them readers responding to a call to action, were my guidelines but I wanted something different. The format that appealed to me was based on detective short stories by Isaac Asimov and Spider Robinson, both science fiction writers.

They shifted the finding of a solution to a group gathered together over a meal to respond to a guest’s mystery. Asimov placed them at dinner with a waiter who solved the case after the others had blithered over it. Robinson varied it by story allowing just about anyone in his cast of zanies to be the one or two that “figured it out.”

I’ve been away from this rowdy crowd too long. Visitors to the lunches often were generated by folks asking questions after I delivered a presentation. I’ll be relaying to you the groups  sassy but sure advice once again as I go back to speaking professionally and the questions mount up.

The avatars of a brand.

It has been many moons since I celebrated working with this crew. Each of them is based on a real-life expert. Most of them are physically close to the descriptions offered. Okay, a couple of them are way different. But all of them exhibit the mental acuity you would hope to have in this kind of gathering.

The Core group:

Rick, is a swarthy Jewish outdoorsman comfortable in a kayak or on a Ducati who moved to Oregon to indulge those interests. He is our master of direct marketing and one of the few people I have ever met that is a natural at networking. He can meet someone in a rental car line and the next week be presenting to their Fortune 500 company.

Kate, our dusky mistress of sales earned her spurs the old-fashioned way—cold calling floor by floor in downtown business-packed high rises. She has the chops to go on sales calls with newbies and tell a CEO when the Sales VP has been over-promoted. Tough lady. Now retired but always up for lunch with this bunch


Bubba, Rob to some of us, is a slow drawl southern talking older gentleman that at times claims to be “Dumber than a bag o’ rocks” BUT (there is always a BUT) he has a genius for the psychological alchemy known as brand. The real Bubba presides as the creative director of an Ad Agency in Atlanta.


Chris is third generation Chinese American now the proud young father of a boy and a girl. He is an entrepreneur that has made his way through the wild west of the internet doing web sites, seo and you name it for the last ten years. He has just founded an on-line business that scales and now can give up the part-time consulting gigs that supported his entrepreneurial habit.


Gail, is a woman who has told me she teaches people to think because they must learn that skill before they can write. She is always a writer but has ridden that talent far and wide running an ad agency and as an on-air talent as well as a freelancer and consultant. Her quiet grandmotherly demeanor veils a strength built from dignity and laughter facing life without fear.

Jerry FletcherMe, the ringleader. Yes. All these folks exist. No they don’t gather each week except in my mind. Their views, expressed in these dialogue blogs are usually their own sometimes shaded by the filter of my digitizing them.

Cameos, from time to time another professional joins the group when our visitor/client has a problem that falls in the expert’s bailiwick: PR, Customer Service, Distribution, etc.

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Jerry FletcherJerry Fletcher, Networking Ninja, is a sought after International Speaker, beBee ambassador, founder and Brand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for Trust-based Brand development, Positioning and Business Development on and off-line.